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Applying for Start Off happened by total chance, I didn’t look for it, it came to me. It’s the best thing that happened to me so far.

I’m starting my college life with a new improved me. This was the best conference I’ve been to so far, it was so much fun, yet informative.

I’m going out there to motivate people to join AIESEC, because this is a LIFE-CHANGING experience.

I’ll definitely take all that I’ve learned into action.

Thank you amazing OC and Facilitators.

– Hend Amin-

Thanks to AIESEC, I gained a 6 week internship in Cairo, Egypt during an important and historic time (the election of the first popularly elected president, Mohamed Morsi). Aside from what many may think or hear in the media, Egypt was truly an amazing and safe place, and the AIESECers there made sure that the interns were taken care of and knew their way around the city.

I was hosted by AIESEC AUC and I worked for an NGO called APHRA (The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists) where my job was to promote human rights, educate the population of their human rights and human rights abuses abroad and what to do when these rights are violated. I gave presentations, networked with activists locally and internationally, wrote grant proposals, and went to human rights conferences across Egypt.

However, the trip was not all work and no play. I met amazing people from all over the world and lived in a flat with 11 other people; these people became some of my closest friends whom I plan to see again someday. My flatmates included people from China, Greece, India, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, and another American from Seattle.

We cooked amazing dinners for each other, threw birthday parties and going away parties at our awesome apartment, explored all of Cairo and Egypt together, taught each other some useful words in our respective languages, and had the time of our lives! Whether we were riding camels around the Giza pyramids, sand surfing in the Sahara, dancing under the stars in the Black & White desert, cruising the Nile River at night in a Falucka,  fishing and diving off the top of yachts into the Red Sea, everyday was a new adventure and brought a new learning experience!

I had the time of my life and will likely return to Egypt in the near future to complete another internship and see the friends I made from AIESEC Egypt again before starting law school in the Fall of 2013!

-Erica Fauser-

My name is Samia, I am 22 years old, I am a fresh graduate.

Once I finished my studies I was just hoping for a life time experience, I was dreaming of something exciting and new.

Then I decided to join AIESEC and head to India for a community development internship. Yes, you read it right! It’s India, the Far East.

It was my first experience travelling abroad, on my own, to a country with a totally different culture.

It was one of the most amazing six weeks of my life that really can’t be forgotten.

Starting from the awesome friends I had from different nationalities, To visiting different places and doing different activities and having fun in them.

Beside to the personal skills I gained when travelling on my own.

It really is a life time experience that I would happily do again in a different place. That internship gave me a chance to discover places that I have never dreamt of visiting in my life.

” Samia Ramsis “

I went on an internship with AIESEC completely unaware of what was ahead of me.

Reality turned out to be very different from my expectations. I lived an unbelievable experience and not a day goes by since I came back where I don’t remember the great moments I had over there, I learned to be an independent accepting, decision-maker.

We did it all, we laughed, cried and best of all we traveled and saw things that were so different. We slept anywhere and everywhere, we ate anything and everything, and it felt great!

I became close to people who I now consider ‘family’, the situations we were placed in brought us closer, and I was even lucky enough to go home with most of the other interns.

We met people from different countries, with different backgrounds, of different religions and in no time we were traveling together and looking out for each other.

We traveled all around; we went from the snowing of the Himalayas to the extreme heat of the beaches.

It truly is ‘Incredible India’, and sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t decided to just take a chance and click on the AIESEC India link…guess I would have never known what I was going to be missing!

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

“Danya Abou Hashem”

   “In bed, scrambled with ideas, don’t really know where to start or what        to describe, it has been a really long day, but definitely an enjoyable  one. If the weeks to come were the same as this, then this will definitely be an experience I’ll never forget.”

These lines were taken from my diary while I was in India, it was the first day, and oh boy was it an experience I’ll never forget.

 “After spending 40 hours on a train to Goa, and 25 hours in Delhi airport, getting lost in Mumbai without my passport, barely enough money to keep me going and with little if any knowledge of Hindi, passing the Pakistani borders and back also without a passport, This picture says it all!” 😀

This was a facebook status that I wrote on my second week in India, and I think it pretty much gives a picture of the adventures I had in there, that if I were to describe it all, I’ll probably need a whole book to describe what I felt.

To sum it up, this trip changed a lot in me, it taught me to be independent, decision maker, but most importantly it gave me a whole new perspective.

I might not know what I want in the next 10 years or where I’ll be, but I do know that whatever may come in my way, I’m ready for it!

–          Ahmad Medhat

Sleepless in Activate

“I had an unforgettable 3 days in Activate conference 2011, that I wanted to share with you. We started the conference by amazing sessions, then we hung out in the hotel together, I started to know more people, build up a strong network, until the end of the session where you find everyone participating in it until it ends!! Through the day you get your amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner, and at the end of the day we have a party, then every one goes to their rooms, but we didn’t, we stayed together til the next day. When I got home I realized that I haven’t slept at all.”

Mohamed Seif

Servicing And Reception Team