I went on an internship with AIESEC completely unaware of what was ahead of me.

Reality turned out to be very different from my expectations. I lived an unbelievable experience and not a day goes by since I came back where I don’t remember the great moments I had over there, I learned to be an independent accepting, decision-maker.

We did it all, we laughed, cried and best of all we traveled and saw things that were so different. We slept anywhere and everywhere, we ate anything and everything, and it felt great!

I became close to people who I now consider ‘family’, the situations we were placed in brought us closer, and I was even lucky enough to go home with most of the other interns.

We met people from different countries, with different backgrounds, of different religions and in no time we were traveling together and looking out for each other.

We traveled all around; we went from the snowing of the Himalayas to the extreme heat of the beaches.

It truly is ‘Incredible India’, and sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t decided to just take a chance and click on the AIESEC India link…guess I would have never known what I was going to be missing!

I would do it again in a heartbeat!

“Danya Abou Hashem”