“In bed, scrambled with ideas, don’t really know where to start or what        to describe, it has been a really long day, but definitely an enjoyable  one. If the weeks to come were the same as this, then this will definitely be an experience I’ll never forget.”

These lines were taken from my diary while I was in India, it was the first day, and oh boy was it an experience I’ll never forget.

 “After spending 40 hours on a train to Goa, and 25 hours in Delhi airport, getting lost in Mumbai without my passport, barely enough money to keep me going and with little if any knowledge of Hindi, passing the Pakistani borders and back also without a passport, This picture says it all!” 😀

This was a facebook status that I wrote on my second week in India, and I think it pretty much gives a picture of the adventures I had in there, that if I were to describe it all, I’ll probably need a whole book to describe what I felt.

To sum it up, this trip changed a lot in me, it taught me to be independent, decision maker, but most importantly it gave me a whole new perspective.

I might not know what I want in the next 10 years or where I’ll be, but I do know that whatever may come in my way, I’m ready for it!

–          Ahmad Medhat