Thanks to AIESEC, I gained a 6 week internship in Cairo, Egypt during an important and historic time (the election of the first popularly elected president, Mohamed Morsi). Aside from what many may think or hear in the media, Egypt was truly an amazing and safe place, and the AIESECers there made sure that the interns were taken care of and knew their way around the city.

I was hosted by AIESEC AUC and I worked for an NGO called APHRA (The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists) where my job was to promote human rights, educate the population of their human rights and human rights abuses abroad and what to do when these rights are violated. I gave presentations, networked with activists locally and internationally, wrote grant proposals, and went to human rights conferences across Egypt.

However, the trip was not all work and no play. I met amazing people from all over the world and lived in a flat with 11 other people; these people became some of my closest friends whom I plan to see again someday. My flatmates included people from China, Greece, India, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, and another American from Seattle.

We cooked amazing dinners for each other, threw birthday parties and going away parties at our awesome apartment, explored all of Cairo and Egypt together, taught each other some useful words in our respective languages, and had the time of our lives! Whether we were riding camels around the Giza pyramids, sand surfing in the Sahara, dancing under the stars in the Black & White desert, cruising the Nile River at night in a Falucka,  fishing and diving off the top of yachts into the Red Sea, everyday was a new adventure and brought a new learning experience!

I had the time of my life and will likely return to Egypt in the near future to complete another internship and see the friends I made from AIESEC Egypt again before starting law school in the Fall of 2013!

-Erica Fauser-